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Laser/Radar Detectors Products

Laser/Radar Detectors Products

A laser jammer is a device typically used by drivers to prevent law enforcement officers from obtaining speed readings using a laser gun. Laser jammers are not to be confused with radar jammers. Because these jammers are for laser and not radar, US federal laws prohibiting the use of radar jammers do not apply to these devices. However, several states have one or more laws that specifically prohibit the use of laser jammers, including: California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennesse, and Virginia [1] A radar detector, sometimes called a fuzz buster, is a passive electronic device used by motorists to determine if their speed is being monitored by law enforcement agencies via a radar unit, and thereby, potentially avoiding prosecution for speeding. Only doppler radar-based devices can be detected � other speed measuring devices including those using ANPR, piezo sensors and VASCAR technology cannot be detected, while LIDAR devices require a different type of sensor. Most of today's radar detectors detect signals across a variety of wavelength bands � usually X, K and Ka

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Laser and Radar Detectors

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