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Technology Specialists Products

Technology Specialists Products

Business Consulting, Brand Development, Creative Marketing Business Consulting At last there is a consulting company for the small business owner. All the tricks and tips that the big guys get for a fraction of the cost. What Do We Do? Social Media Social media is the new "word of mouth". With more than 500 million users on Facebook, The web has become a social hub connecting your business to your target market in a way never seen before. Brand Management One of the most important keys of business success is brand awareness. Having a well designed and executed brand is hard for a small business to do by itself. It requires seeing the brand from the customers perspective and not your own. Business Consulting At BEF we approach business consulting from a different perspective than most other agencies. We believe that simplicity is the key to client satisfaction. When consulting with you about your business vision, we clearly set goals for your company and give you the tools to achieve those goals. Technology Consulting In todays everchanging world of technology, you need to spend an exuberant amount of time researching the newest applications and tech offerings just to keep up. Let us keep you on the cutting edge while you focus on your business. Who are we? Established in 1999, Meggamaxx is a successful creative consulting firm. We've enjoyed helping our clients communicate better. Our experienced account team is committed to completing projects on time and within your budget. Serving as the client voice and bridge to the creative process, We always are accessible via chat, phone or email Meggamaxx takes pride in the diversity of talent in our creative team. We understand that successful projects begin with an understanding of the goals, audience and venue. How it works: "Simple. We tweet for you. We update Facebook for you. We update 17 other social media sites for you with relevent, industry specific information and news stories that are proven to drive traffic to your online presence and your brick and mortar store as well! But more than just that, we keep you on the cutting edge of technology and web development tequniques so that you can focus on what you do best! Run your business. It is proven that to run a social media and online persona campaign well it takes a single individual over 40 hours per week alone!!!! Let us help you. Drop us a line, well find the right package for your specific situation. We promise you will be happy!" Here are just a few of the services we provide to our clients. We can also customize a solution for your company. Ultimately when your happy, we are happy. Daily Facebook Post Daily Twitter Post Manage LinkedIn Online Persona Management Email Management Email Newsletter VoIP Setup PBX Service Setup Technology Consulting Workflow Design Workflow Implementation Workflow Management

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