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Window Tint Products

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Window Tint Products

Meggamaxx offers a full service window tinting facility. We use only the best films in the industry and our products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.. LLumar is the world's best-selling brand and is the World's Leading Window glass treatment film, with a complete line of automotive window tint; commercial and residential architectural window films, safety/security, anti-graffiti, and decorative films. Professionally installed through our unparalleled Solar Control Specialists.. LLumar high performance films greatly enhances the look, functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency of your windows giving you control over your environment. LLumar glass window treatment films are designed for solar control, safety and decorative applications for automotive and architectural glass. Heat rejection films are normally applied to the interior of flat glass windows to reduce the amount of infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation entering windows. Such films are either dyed or metalized (which can be transparent to visible light) to convert incoming solar radiation to infrared radiation, which is then rejected back through the glass to the exterior. They usually cost 10-15 percent more than regular windows but can reduce energy loss by as much as 30-50 percent."[1] Other benefits include protection for passengers in the rear, protection from UV rays (which have some harmful effects), cooling for pets, greater privacy, reduced chance of theft (because valuables are less visible), reduced glare and reflection on liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, and protection for those who have conditions involving photosensitivity or skin sensitivity, such as lupus (SLE). Window film is also considered more effective and practical than stick-on blinds.

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