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Custom Theater Products

Custom Theater Products

Home theater, are entertainment systems that seek to reproduce movie theater quality video and audio in a private home. In the 1950s, home movies became popular in the United States with Kodak 8 mm film projector equipment becoming affordable. The development of multi-channel audio systems and laserdisc in the 1980s created a new paradigm for home cinema. In the early to mid 1990s, a typical home cinema would have a Laserdisc or S-VHS videocassette player fed to a large rear projection television. In the late 1990s, home theatre technology progressed with the development of DVD, Dolby Digital 5.1-channel audio ("surround sound"), and High-Definition Television. In the 2000s, the term "home cinema" encompasses a range of systems. The most basic system could be a DVD player, a standard CRT television, and a "home theater in a box", a 2.1 speaker system with left and right speakers and a small 8" subwoofer cabinet. An expensive home cinema set-up might include a High-Definition video format such as Blu-ray, a 60" High-Definition Television with a "cinema-style" 16X9 format, a several thousand-watt home theatre receiver with five to seven surround sound speakers, and a powered subwoofer with a 12" driver. The most expensive home theater set-ups, which can cost over $100,000 US, have digital projectors, expensive screens, and custom-built screening rooms which include cinema-style chairs and Audiophile-grade sound equipment. Meggamaxx Can Design and Create a complete Home Theater Package, exclusively designed to meet your demands for custom Home Theater and Entertainment. We custom Build Each Solution to your Home and Budget. Please Give us a call 678.355.9300 for more information.

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