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 About Meggamaxx

Original mission Statement  written By the CEO In 1999

To provide personal touch to the ever exploding growth taking place on the internet and in society today with a qualified staff to meet the demands of the technological changes we will experience in this Millennium and Beyond.


   Meggamaxx was founded in 1999 in the Atlanta Area. Quickly the business grew around the same time and aquired its first competition a year later named Starcomm. This was the first actual Storefront called MEGGAMAXX. Pagers, Cell phones, and Car audio was the sub-heading at this time because of the nature of what was popular with the Business. Just a few years later we were faced with our second Acquisition, MSA (Mobile Soundwaves Atlanta).  At this time we changed our sub-heading to Audio-Video-Performance.. Just a couple of months went by and yet another acquisition was looking promising which was completed, Audio Visions. Our main Headquarters in Atlanta is now located where the last Acquisition took place. In 2009 We changed our sub-heading again to Audio-Video-Integration. 

   2011 - From the CEO's desk - The Original Mission Statement continues to get more and more clear as time goes by. Now with Social Networking at an all time High. App and Cloud based Development rising.  We will have the "Personal Touch," the internet and society has always needed. This Year  we are stating we are a Technology Company, therefore we are focusing on the slogan. "Technology Integration Specialists"




Marietta, Ga 30062

678.355.0050 Fax
877.263.1468 toll free outside Atlanta


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Laser and Radar Detectors

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